The Top 10 Online Resources for Freelance Writing

RentACoder is probably a good place to start if you’re new to the writing home business industry because of how simple its processes are. Although registration on this website is completely free, a service fee of 15% of each project you win is required. Your payments are guaranteed if you provide a high-quality service because the money is held in escrow by your client before the project begins.

At scriptlance, there are numerous job postings; however, many of those projects never receive payment. A beginner will find it challenging to get started at scriptlance because there is a lot of fraud occurring during the bidding process. But if you can establish a solid reputation, you can be sure that many clients will choose you for long-term projects.

A professional freelance website called Guru allows both free membership and subscriptions known as Guru VENDOR. If you sign up with a basic account, you might not get very far with this website because despite the abundance of job listings, many buyers prefer to have Guru Vendors bid for their projects.

Elance also offers basic membership, which is unrestricted, and professional membership, which requires payment. Once you sign up, you are not able to bid on any projects until you have successfully completed the website’s evaluation test. Because it allows for payment escrow, Elance is also a secure website.

Given that this is the largest online classifieds site, the opportunities to find work are virtually limitless. If you’re a writer, you can either look for freelance work or create a free advertisement promoting your services. The drawback is that posting too many ads will result in your account being suspended, per the website’s rules.

With the exception of allowing both free and premium memberships, this website functions very similarly to RentACoder. Their commission is 10% of the project value plus a fixed fee of $5.00 per project. However, if your account has no balance for more than 30 days, it will be frozen.

There are many professional and well-paid writing jobs available on this very professional website. But in order to use it, you must register as a member. However, the good news is that you can apply for a 7-day trial period for only $2.95, allowing you to get a taste of what you’re getting into before spending money on membership.

The perfect opportunity awaits you if you are a professional writer at It’s simple to sign up for their service, but you won’t be able to accept projects until the website accepts your application, which usually takes two weeks.

At getafreelancer, you can choose from a sizable selection of freelance writing opportunities. The process for joining is described below. Only 15 bids can be placed monthly by new users on Getafreelancer. A writer receives 1 point for every month they continue to be a member of the website. Therefore, if your membership is one year old, you will be eligible to bid on 27 (15 + 12) projects each month.

There are numerous writing gigs available here. This website displays all relevant jobs by obtaining feeds from the best freelance websites. Consequently, if you don’t have time to browse several websites, this will be your ideal store.

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