An Excellent Cup of Coffee Can Stimulate You Just As Much as Good Communication Can

As stimulating as a good cup of coffee is effective communication… and just as hard to sleep after.

I continuously play back my initial meetings with prospective clients after each one… all night.

If the meeting is scheduled, you already have a foot in the door; all you need to do is wow them.

Here are a few pointers:

  1. Do your research on your client, their business, and the market they operate in. A quick Google search can have significant results.
  2. Select a meeting location carefully. If it’s a cafe, is there a quiet room you can use that is out of the way so you can talk in peace? If not, does your home not only reflect your personality but also be free of clutter? Unless that’s the whole point, in which case go for it, can you demonstrate your talent without making it seem too obvious?.show off?
  3. You should be comfortable in addition to dressing professionally and smartly.
  4. Be mindful of how you appear to others; you might be anxious, but try not to show it. Observe it with a smile and deep breaths.
  5. Don’t jump right into business; doing so will overwhelm the situation. Instead, start with light conversation.
  6. Buy decent coffee – Although we run a coffee shop, I can’t stress enough how little work it actually takes to serve delicious coffee.
  7. Now that you can discuss business, make sure you have also done your research on their rivals and the related industries.
  8. Gently criticize their company, pointing out what they do well and poorly and suggesting ways you can help them get better.
  9. Find out from them what they like, dislike, and are looking for in their company.
  10. To verify the accuracy of the information, pose open-ended questions, make notes, and repeat their responses.
  11. Only say “Yes” or agree to work with them if you are 100% sure you can deliver.

There’s a good chance that the client wants to work with you if they took the time to meet with you.

Write down all the details you know in a contract, making sure that both parties are aware of the fine print… and you are both happy with it.

Amazing coffee doesn’t have to be expensive, and if you make it correctly, your potential customer will be impressed right away.

The most crucial thing to keep in mind is that clients merely want you to be able to address their issues.

Have you done that?

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