The Three Most Lucrative Freelance Writing Jobs for Writers

It can be challenging to support yourself as a freelance writer. Writing online content and articles is the easiest way to get started, but they also tend to pay very little until you can establish yourself, especially for beginners.

Assuming you’re in it for the long haul and are committed to working as a freelance writer, your first task is to choose your path. There are some extremely lucrative freelance writing jobs available, such as those as a professional ghostwriter (especially for celebrities) or as a feature writer for well-known magazines, but in order to consistently land those types of gigs, you’ll need a very strong network and a very extensive portfolio.

In those fields, there is also intense competition for a small amount of work, and if the field has several qualified experts, you’re just out of luck. For the rest of us, there are three specific types of writing that are the most consistently lucrative and accessible:

1) Business Writing

2) Copy Writing (also known as Sales Page/Sales Writing)

3) Technical Writing

Compared to other types of freelance writing, these three consistently offer higher pay to rank and file writers. This makes sense because all three of these writing jobs entail working for businesses and/or corporations, which means you’re writing for clients who have a lot of money and are willing to pay to have the job done well. But now more about each:

Business writing includes writing for press releases, white papers, business reports, speeches that have been prepared, articles, pamphlets, advertising, and any other type of writing that is required. Business writers can expect to earn a very good hourly rate, and even beginning freelance business writers can frequently charge $15 to $20 an hour while establishing a professional connection.

If you are good at it, copywriting may be the most lucrative form of writing. Writing sales pages for websites, e-books, or other products is known as copywriting. Even entry-level copy writers can earn $60,000 or more annually, and the best in the business can earn millions because they not only charge exorbitant rates for their services, but also receive a cut of every sale.

Another profession that can result in a $20 hourly wage is technical writing. If you succeed in this field, your pay may even increase to $40 or $50 an hour. Working closely with a business is common in technical writing. Ever had a 90-page manual for an entertainment system that didn’t seem to make sense? That is an opening for a technical writing position. Writing requires a lot of long hours and revision, but you are paid fairly for your efforts.

The salaries for skilled freelance writers will rise in these three fields as they continue to seek out new talent. Freelancers have an advantage over employers in that they are not required to cover insurance and benefits costs, contribute to 401(k) plans, or pay half of their employees’ Social Security taxes. As a result, freelance writers are frequently able to charge higher rates due to the money that employers save.

So begin your preparation and dive right in! Good freelance writers are always in demand, and some businesses are even willing to hire them full-time to guarantee high-quality work. I am aware of this because it is how I was fortunate enough to land my current position. Best of luck with your writing, and if you’re looking for the most accessible profitable writing niches, these are your best options.

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