How to Develop Your Article Marketing Portfolio for Profitable Article Marketing

Building an easy-to-manage website that also effectively showcases your writing abilities is crucial when creating an article portfolio. Everything from the fonts you select to how users interact with your website can make the difference between a sale and a visitor who simply leaves.

You can start by uploading your portfolio to any number of websites that offer free web hosting. If at all possible, test the completed page using a dial-up server connection to see how quickly it loads. Additionally, you will be able to discover what types of pop-ups or other advertisements will welcome your potential client. Before you find a site that meets your needs, it might take registering for a few different ones. On the other hand, you might just want to buy webspace and a domain name.

The next thing you should think about is how visitors will use your website. If you aren’t a web designer and don’t want to work with HTML, you can hire someone to build the site for you. Having said that, it’s crucial to pick colors and fonts that your reader will find comfortable.

When it comes to actually writing the articles, it is acceptable to begin with just one or two per day. You’ll probably want to remove some items and put up others as your skills advance. Without sacrificing the long-term gains you anticipate from having a portfolio, you will also have time to work on articles for your clients in this way.

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