How to Use Craigslist to Find Writing Jobs for Freelance

In addition to virtually everything else, Craiglist is a huge online marketplace with forums and classified ads for jobs, housing, goods, services, local events, and more. The website receives more than 9 billion hits each month despite being active in 450 cities worldwide.

Craiglist is the ideal place to start if you want to write for a living. Start by logging into A search is the first step in the process of finding a job. For this, you must choose the nation and/or city from which you wish to accept the position; for example, London, after which you can search the “jobs” category for suitable freelance writing opportunities.

If you come across any intriguing opportunities, click on the hyperlink to read more about the position. A posting ID, a contact number, an email address, or other details are included with every job posting. Contact the appropriate party right away if you want to try out the opportunity.

Here is another way to conduct a search. You’ll notice a search box on your left side when you navigate to the city level (or, in some cases, the country level as well). Simply enter keywords such as “writing” or “editing” and select “jobs” from the drop down to begin your search. Search results that match your keywords will be displayed chronologically. Finding a job in this manner can take a lot of time because there will be thousands of listings, as you may have already guessed. You can therefore choose to narrow the search by selecting or deselecting the parameters listed below the search field, which will result in more accurate results.

If not, posting your own advertisement is your best option. Simply use the ‘post to classifieds’ link and navigate to the city of your choice to accomplish this. After clicking the “Service Offered” link, go to the “writing/editing/translations” link. You might be required to choose a specific geographic area depending on the city or nation you have selected; however, your next task is to create an original advertisement. You must agree to the terms of Craigslist once you’ve submitted the advertisement. If you accept, you will receive instructions on how to publish your entry via email. Your advertisement will be free to publish on the website for the next seven days if you simply follow the instructions. But be careful not to post too many ads or you run the risk of having your account suspended. Therefore, if you are posting multiple ads, be sure to give each one a unique title and, if possible, use different email addresses.

But following RSS feeds for writing jobs from each city is the most efficient way to find writing jobs on Craigslist. The RSS functionality is located in the bottom right corner of the website. The most recent job listings can therefore be delivered right to you with the aid of an RSS feed aggregator, which you can find on Yahoo or Google for free.

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