How to Become a Super Successful Freelancer

The majority of writers make their living through freelancing.

Writing books is great too, but the income might not be steady or sufficient to support oneself.

To ensure that they can support themselves financially while writing full-time, many authors turn to freelancing.

The “trick” to working in this manner is to have a large number of projects to choose from, which requires finding a large number of writing markets.

And to aid you, I’ll outline three different kinds of freelance writing you can begin doing right away, along with where to find them.

  1. writing articles for magazines and trade publications. The simplest kind of freelance writing to perform is probably this. You browse through trade journals and magazines, check their online submission policies to see if they accept freelance work and what their rates are, and then submit a pitch. You can also find these types of writing markets online by doing a quick Google search of “magazine writing submissions” or “writers’ guidelines” or “write for us” or something similar. Alternatively, sign up for writing newsletters from bloggers who distribute lists of active writing markets to their subscribers.
  2. posting frequently to a blog. Once you begin looking, it’s likely that you’ll also find regular work writing for blogs and other websites. Millions of websites exist online, and many of them are actively seeking regular writers. If you can find a few of these, they can give you a steady source of income.
  3. Writing competitions. There are lots of lucrative writing contests. And even if you don’t win, you still have an unpublished piece of writing that you can adapt for a future submission somewhere else. I recently informed my subscribers of a scriptwriting contest for a 60-minute stage play, the winner of which would receive 3,000 British Pounds in addition to a 3,000 advance against 8% of the box office receipts. Not bad for a 60-page stage play (approximately one page = one minute).).

Therefore, even if you’ve never considered working as a freelance writer, don’t write it off because it’s a great way to make money because, as I’ve shown you, even writing competitions can pay well.

A daily writing habit that will benefit you for the rest of your writing career can be formed by working to deadlines and writing regularly in addition to being a great way to earn money.

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