Changing Careers: Freelance Virtual Assistant to Full-Time Office Employee

Work is necessary, especially if you are the family’s primary provider of income. Your job is your sole source of income, and you view it as such, believing that even the smallest error could endanger your job. Threats can come from disagreements with your coworkers, particularly your supervisors. There are a variety of reasons why I chose to work as a full-time virtual assistant freelancer, and I have experience working both in office-based settings and as one. But these are the top 4 factors that influenced my decision to work from home rather than an office.

Traffic in the city – Reporting to work


I have to allow 5 hours for commuting every day because of traffic. If my work shift starts at 8, I must begin my commute by 6 am. It’s frustrating to wake up in the morning. Getting ready for work would be like dragging yourself to it. When you are all set and prepared to go, you notice that many other people are also waiting for a ride. When rushing to catch a jeepney because everyone is rushing, it feels like you’re in an action movie. However, once I find a place, I frequently doze off in the car (Hello! I can take a short break because Davao City is nearby.

Virtual Assistant

For the job, I don’t need to get up too early. There’s no need for me to budget two hours for travel time. Literally, my home serves as my office. All I need to do is shower, eat, and then poof! – My work can now begin. Without fuss, annoyance, or hurry!

Toxic Environment – Social Engagement


You just entered the building after being in a lot of traffic. You’re still drenched in perspiration when suddenly one of your coworkers starts gossiping! To be completely honest, I like to socialize and I like being around other people. In fact, my supervisors and I regularly meet to discuss things like summer vacations, team building activities, and parties. It’s annoying when you hear rumors or gossip about someone who works there. My ability to work effectively is hindered by the toxic environment. You must arbitrate even small disputes between employees in your capacity as the office’s top authority.

Virtual Assistant

I get to read news and updates from the internet, so it doesn’t bother me all that much. Nobody can keep you interested in something in which you have no interest. I simply close an article if I don’t find it interesting, and that’s it!

Compensation and Responsibilities


A high income would entail a heavy workload. If you have been paid more and received a better salary package, you might be like ME and have extra work and responsibilities that are outside the scope of my job description. As the operations manager, you are responsible for conducting regular and emergency meetings, checking reports, updating clients, and working with your supervisors, not ME. I also need to update and adjust the campaign’s parameters. I must manage leads as well in order to increase conversion opportunities and improve customer engagement. To make sure every sale is listed, I occasionally need to contact the audit department. Less time will be available for me to supervise and manage my team, which could affect the work’s quality.

Virtual Assistant

The impact of your work and job description, followed by the quantity of things you do, will most likely determine your compensation. It allows you to concentrate on what is required of you and make improvements. A virtual assistant can find many tutorials, articles, and guides online to help them succeed. Learn from the internet; it is a teacher.

Family/Work Balance


I won’t have the two days off that everyone else does each week to unwind and get away from work. Even on my days off, my boss calls to check on me and asks how the sales are doing (everything is done via email). In order to avoid calls about work, I sometimes pretend to be asleep. Really, it’s annoying. Working five days a week, putting in overtime, meeting deadlines, and not even getting days off. I am unable to spend time with my wife and son in-depth.

Virtual Assistant

My at-home work style is refreshing. I get to observe the relationship between my son and wife. They approach me to hug and kiss me occasionally. I can spend my breaks with my family. Without making any calls, we can go on vacation together. Everything is ideal as long as I have my laptop, a strong internet connection, and some coffee. Nothing comes close to the time I got to spend with my family while working. It gives you the willpower to work, the inspiration to keep going, and the ability to be joyful.

Of course, as a full-time, home-based virtual assistant with an office, we have our differences of opinion. There may be more than I can say here, but for now, these are the main reasons I left my job, packed up my office supplies, and now work from home.

Make sure to reevaluate and determine what is best for you before making important decisions in life. I have deliberated this choice extensively, and I don’t regret it.

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