Monica Patni is a freelance web designer, web developer, and internet marketer


I’m a free-lance Web & UI designer in Jaipur, India. I’ve worked as a web designer, web developer, and graphics designer for more than 6 years. Great design is transparent and obvious. I create aesthetically pleasing, responsive, and user-friendly websites by fervently moving pixels and lines of code.

I’ve constructed numerous types, including Static, Responsive, Web Apps, Custom WordPress Design from Scratch including Logo, Graphics, Banners, Social Media Banners, etc.

I can assist you in turning your Adobe Photoshop design (PSD) into clean, pixel-perfect XHTML/HTML5 and CSS3 code that is well-written, SEO-friendly, and compliant with current design standards.

I occasionally need some inspiration because I design user interfaces. Since 2010, I’ve been carrying out this activity. Having started out as a UI designer, I quickly developed into a skilled professional with numerous obedient clients. The fact that design is intended to be functional distinguishes it from art.

The advantage of websites is that they advertise you constantly; no employee would do that. In order to make a website easily rank in search engines, I place a lot of emphasis on the layout, color, graphics, fonts, and SEO-friendly content. Please get in touch with me; I’m here to support the expansion of your business.

Whom Should You Employ as an Indian Web Design/Development Company or Freelance Web Designer?

You might ask yourself, “Should I hire a freelance web designer or a web development and design company in India?” This might be the result of a number of factors, including a lack of knowledge, financial limitations, and previous negative hiring experiences for design.

I’ll make it simple for you: if you want hassle-free, no delay, no getting duped, and quick website design and development, hire a freelance web designer or ui designer. In the majority of cases, businesses struggle to find the ideal talent for stunning Web design. To cut costs and boost profits, all web development companies employ subpar designers and developers to work on more than five projects at once.

Most web design firms use the same methodology and promise to finish your project in a single day at a low cost. They simply use various templates and poor coding techniques, treating every web design or development project the same.

Customers struggle to do business with these companies because of the poor user experience and subpar design, and they also wait for them to fix issues.

One thing you must realize is that no company will pay out of pocket to provide the same services at a lower price than the going rate; therefore, in order to complete your project on time, you must either compromise on quality or fall behind them.

You can communicate with each individual freelance web designer, getting to know the person who is personally involved in your design.

How Much Do I Charge?

Sincere to say, I charge more than the majority of Surat’s independent web designers and design firms. I charge more than other freelance web designers because I give each client’s website my undivided attention and spend twice as much time on it. I also give my all to produce results in the shortest amount of time.

I focus solely on one project at a time so that I can give each one my undivided attention.

There is no point in hiring a cheap web designer if he cannot produce a user-friendly website that will bring you business in the long run, in which case your entire investment is wasted.

Why Should I Only Employ Freelance Web Designers in Surat, NCR?

If you are based in Surat/NCR (India), hiring a freelance web designer in Surat, noida, gurugram, or faridabad will make it simple to communicate and meet. Instead of using Skype or a phone, you can easily express your needs and get to know one another in person.

Being a freelance web designer, I also enjoy networking with clients.

Can We Meet and Discuss or Call You for Website Design Requirements

Yes, I’m always available for coffee…

If you are nearby in Surat, Noida, Gurugram, or anywhere in the NCR. We can arrange to meet over the phone at a location that is convenient for us to discuss the project. We can conduct a Face-to-Face meeting over Skype if you are not located close to Surat or the NCR, in which case it won’t be a problem.

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