A Review Of Online Freelance Writing

When you write something and submit it for publication, whether you are a novice or an experienced pro, you can anticipate receiving an average of 70 rejections, according to a published author who made this comment back in 1991.

utilizing conventional techniques like networking, cold calling, and direct mail…all

took a lot of time and drastically reduced the income. The life of a freelancer was greatly simplified by the Internet. Even while in your pajamas, you can communicate with your client.

The payment has also been a huge relief. There’s a joke among writers that offline writers are only paid “seasonally”. You may need to follow up with the client to get the full payment, or you may go months without payment. Everything is a major burden on the most valuable asset…Time.

With the advent of large websites like Elance and other freelance exchange networks, the headache has completely disappeared. These services accept client payments in advance and send you a check each month. They will even handle the arbitration if the need arises, which is cool.

In addition to them, online payment processors like PayPal allow for electronic payment acceptance. To succeed as a freelance writer today, you must understand how to make the most of the internet to get clients, get paid, and avoid wasting time.

Today’s most successful freelance writers have diversified their clientele away from print media and toward e-commerce. The best place to get paid for writing when you’re just starting out is therefore online.

Internet usage is not a fad. It’s a very effective way to find the people you’re looking for and a very powerful one at that.

Without picking up a phone, wasting time contacting prospects, or dealing with rejection, I have written assignments for clients in the Netherlands, Australia, the United States, and the United Kingdom while seated in front of my computer. Instead, I was found by the prospects.

The freelance market is booming online. Sixty billion dollars of work is

now outsourced to specialists worldwide. According to the US Department of

Labor, “35 million Americans consider themselves to be independent professionals.”

Companies’ outsourcing has grown by 22% over the last three years.

A survey conducted predicted that companies using freelance services will more

than double from 20% to 50%. It won’t be bad to work in a $120 billion sector!

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