Why the number one is the most dangerous one in business

Dear Friend,

A client of mine recently approached me in desperate need of more business.

Here’s the story…

He had only been in the construction industry for a brief period of time—exactly two years. And he got off to a great start during that time.

He had just one client, and he was swamped with work all the time. He never had to worry about not having a job because he had a steady stream of income…

This lasted up until his client made the decision to retire and leave.

My client lost his job and his source of income in the space of a blink of an eye.

Even worse, he had no idea how to effectively market his company.

He approached me at that point and pleaded with me to make things right… (which I did of course).

Why are you even concerned about this?

If you’re a business owner and you only use one independent copywriter, you’re doing it wrong.

Here’s how it goes.

Any reputable independent copywriter will have a sizable clientele and almost always be working on developing their next hit.

You see, writing copy requires a tremendous amount of effort and research. We copywriters must devote all of our attention to one project at a time in order to satisfy our clients and create copy that brings in a bushel of cash.

And when the time comes for you to ask your copywriter to come up with a winner (because you need a quick boost in cash flow, etc.)…

You’ll have to wait!

which implies that you might be losing out on important business.

Listen, the business world is moving at a hundred miles per hour, so you must always be on the move to stay ahead of the competition. You will be significantly hampered if you have just one copywriter on staff.

It WILL happen that you will need your copywriter to quickly produce a successful campaign.

You should give serious thought to keeping on your books at least two top-tier copywriters who you can use whenever you need them.

In this way, you’ll never have to put off tasks due to someone else’s busy schedule, and you’ll KNOW that your copywriter will start working on creating a ground-breaking piece of copy for you almost immediately.

Anyway, until the following time.


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